Topology and Edgeflow

This falls into the realm of geometry and uses vertices, edges and faces to make a three dimensional model.

A polygon is a shape that is used in topology to create a flat surface.

This stands for non uniform rational B spline, and it helps you create a smooth surface using a low number of polygons.

This stands for non uniform rational mesh smoothing and it uses algorithms to make smooth surfaces from 3D objects.

This is a point (basically a dot, don’t let them confuse you) that exists in 3D space (a dot), and in between two dots you get an edge (guess what comes next).

This is a straight line that joins up two dots (vertices).

Faces are the solid surfaces that fill in the space between three or more connected vertices.

Edge flow
Edge flow is where you use curves to create an object. You have to use more polygons and define their shape more so that they do not look odd or pointy. (March 8 2010)

zoella sofa airplane1a332c60da4bd207d5c524e0b4f62d81 28945_aircraft_ww2_airplane zoella_3270137k

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